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Customized Powder Systems, worldwide

In today’s world of technological advances, customers seek a reliable and long term partnership with an equipment vendor to capitalize on the latest in industry trends. Founded in 1991, MS Powder Systems has recognized this need and since that time has become a recognized world leader in technological advancements as related to the field of powder coatings.

Our systems engineering group has focused on industry trends and excels in finding new solutions as applicable to ever changing market needs.

MS Powder Systems has revolutionized the powder equipment market, through conceptualization and developments of the world’s first fast color change booth and RDF high density powder feed systems.  Today, MS Powder Systems offers complete MDF powder systems, specialized booth systems, as the FCV vertical booth, as well as, the latest in application equipment technology, "topcoat" series of application equipment.  

MS Powder Systems has earned the reputation as a global top quality industry partner.

MS Oberflächentechnik AG

All from one Source

Our systems are in use worldwide. In addition to our headquarters are located in Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Portugal as well as Russia and the United States, our branches or representative offices. We know the local situation, speak the local language and can you just help better.

Requirements for technological advances in powder coating applications has become more complex, as the need for more colors and faster production turn-around restricts the capabilities of many suppliers.  MS Powder Systems recognizes the needs of customers and has developed sophisticated solutions to meet these challenges.

Our in-house team of engineers use the latest in 3D-CAD software tools.  With this technology, we are able to develop and simulate equipment solutions and demonstrate conceptual designs and operational details to our customers before an order is agreed.

An MS Powder System is a quality engineered and constructed product, taking individual components and integrating them harmoniously with each other; ultimately providing the end user with the finest in Swiss quality and performance reliability.

MS Oberflächentechnik AG
International Powder Systems
Wegenstrasse 14 / 16
CH- 9436 Balgach Switzerland
+41 71 727 13 70

Ringwood Road
Dorset BH11 9LH
☎ + 44 1202 571111

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